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Residentialist Housecall is a local network of specially trained clinicians who focus solely on in-home Medical care.

We specialize in helping patients who have a hard time getting out to see the doctor. Our residentialist clinicians look at the whole person – mind, body, spirit – and advocate for our patients to get the best care possible.

Our goal is to help patients optimize quality of life and prevent unnecessary trips to the hospital. Without our services many of our patients would need ambulance or wheelchair van transport just to get basic medical care. Our service relieves the anxiety of access to quality medical care.

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Make The Right Choice For You

Convenience and access

We come to our patients, avoiding the necessity of difficult and uncomfortable transport to a doctors office.


We will advocate for our patients to get the services and resources that they need, and help coordinate their care.


We want to be our patients’ lifeline to care and peace of mind. Our clinicians focus on in-home visits to provide better care for frail and vulnerable individuals.

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Insurance & Coverage

Homecare House Call Doctors

We work primarily with Medicare patients. Just like with visits in a physician’s office, Medicare usually covers 80% of the cost for in-home clinician services. Either the patient or their secondary insurance company is responsible for co-payments and/or deductibles.

Residentialist Housecall Medical Group is committed to  serving both Medicare patients and patients on Medicare Advantage plans. Besides traditional Medicare, we are contracted with a number of large managed care plans and medical groups. 

We also accept private payment for services.

Benefits of Residentialist Housecall

How We Help You

Clinician Access

We can act as your primary care physician, or work with your current primary care physician. If you are having trouble going out to see your primary care physician, or you aren’t getting seen as often as needed, we can assume primary responsibility for your care OR provide supplemental care between visits with your office doctor.

Coordination of Your Care

We work closely with home health and/or hospice staff. We have experience in coordinating with these services, communicating your needs, and updating them with your status of care. If you have any questions about what these services entail, we would be happy to walk through the process with you.

Decrease Unnecessary ER Visits

For vulnerable patients, trips to the hospital have high risk of complications. Utilizing our services can help prevent hospital admissions or readmissions by 50%. Having your doctor come to you eliminates transportation difficulties & potential harm, and ensures uninterrupted care.

Care Where You Need It

We provide visits in private homes, apartments, board & cares, assisted living facilities & memory care units. We visit patients in many different assisted living facilities in Philadelphia area alone. We communicate with your assisted living director, share necessary information relative to your current health status and coordinate visits with the facility staff.

24/7 Clinician On Call

Our call center features an on-call clinician available after hours, on weekends, and on holidays to assist our patients. All of our on-call clinicians have access to our centralized electronic health records to quickly understand the patient’s needs.

Online Patient Portal

Access your personal health record any time. Request appointments or view notes from a previous appointment, view lab results, send secure messages directly to your clinician, view medications, set reminders & more.

Common Questions

Our special area of focus is geriatric medicine. Our “residentialist” clinicians are particularly focused on diseases common in elderly as well as disabled patients. Many of our patients suffer from heart or lung problems, strokes, arthritis, dementia, and other illnesses common in older Americans. Some patients have severe pain or suffer from depression.

We cover Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Bucks County and rapidly expanding! If you are located near or around one of those areas – please reach out!

Once insurance has run & the new patient is fully registered in our system, we complete the first visit within 72 hours.

Many factors besides medical conditions impact health and quality of life; for example, mobility, safety, nutrition, social isolation, caregiver support, and hygiene all play a role.  Other factors include a strong clinician relationship and a firm understanding of disease processes and prognosis. Understanding the whole patient allows us to provide better care for them.

Our expanded network of resources helps patients to access other important services such as caregiving, nursing, physical therapy, medical equipment, and medical supplies.  When in-home patients need to move into an assisted living facility, we can assist with facility recommendations, and complete the paperwork necessary to help the patient with their move

Just like with visits in a physician’s office, Medicare usually covers 80% of the cost for in-home clinician services. Either the patient or their secondary insurance company is responsible for co-payments and/or deductibles. We also accept private payment for services.

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