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The Residentialist Solution

Residenialist Housecall is a local network of specially trained clinicians who focus solely on in-home Medical care.

We are the originators of the concept of Residentialist Care – clinicians devoted exclusively to excellence in managing the specific needs of homebound patients. Our years of experience committed to the care of the homebound frail elderly have allowed us to develop and deliver proven, well-honed solutions to ensure timely access, continuity and coordination of care.

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What Sets Us Apart

We focus on community-based population health and coordinated care in the home, whereas other providers often focus on concentrating care in residential facilities.  While we can and do serve patients in over hundreds of residential facilities, we specialize in private residences and improving overall health outcomes to deliver care where it is needed.

We serve patients in single family homes, mobile home parks, condos, and apartments. We pay special attention to high-risk disease states, and strive toward standardized solutions that improve health and quality of life while reducing risks of avoidable complications.

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By The Numbers

15 ,000+
House Call Visits To Date
100 %
Visits Completed in the Patient's Home*
91 %
Patient Satisfaction
*House Calls completed in Private Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Board & Care Homes, and Memory Cares

Our residentialist clinicians offer the following solutions:

In-home visits to manage existing problems and evaluate new issues

We treat patients in the home on a scheduled basis when transportation becomes problematic, or if more care is needed, we can see the patient more frequently to manage both new and existing problems.

Medication refills

We can complete an in-home visit, perform a full medication review, and refill medications as needed.

Test Orders

We can assist in placing orders for relevant in-home tests needed by specialists based on our recent housecall visit.

Coordinate care efforts with other providers

We provide home based primary care on behalf of office based physicians. We can also coordinate care with other specialists, if needed.

Share clinical documentation with office-based physicians

We routinely share visit notes with office-based physicians to ensure that they are aware of the status and progress of your patient.

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